EBE sensors + motion sees itself as a competence center for the development and production of sensor systems and drive technology for price-sensitive markets. This is why top brand manufacturers choose the independent, owner-managed medium-sized company EBE as their supplier and OEM-partner.

The EBE Elektro-Bau-Elemente GmbH in particular supports manufacturers from the industries appliances, industry and automation, mobility, and medical engineering.

The intelligent combination of capacitive and inductive sensor technologies with electromotive or electromagnetic drives results in individual overall solutions, whichexcel by integration depth and performance. Morevoer, they always ensure the customer a competitive edge on the global market.

High-quality switches and encoders for industrial use make up a further segment. As EBE wants to ensure highest quality most products are developed and produced at own sites in Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Schwabach.

Electronic PCBs for EBE-products are assembled at our own plant in Friedrichshafen. Our factory also offers flexible manufacturing services for external customers. Due to the close interlocking of electronics manufacturing competence and product development economic solutions can be realised at the highest quality level.

As technical progress develops from the workings of the mind the human factor is highly valued at EBE. Every day experienced developers, designers and production staff passionately devote themselves to the task of

  • mastering new technological challenges
  • integrating future-oriented environmental concerns
  • designing the changing work environment
  • constantly optimizing technologies, products and services

Flexibility in engineering, Swabian inventive spirit and openness towards new ideas generate a creative performance potential. The customers - predominantly from Europe - rely on this one hundred percent. Pioneering spirit, inventiveness and persistence have coined the company’s history. This is why EBE remains successful and grows sustainably.

The brand EBE sensors + motion stands for

  • innovative sensor and actuator technology and mechatronics
  • quality and engineering competence
  • customer proximity and commitment to customer projects
  • continuity and reliability
  • experience, the willingness to succeed, and vision

This is where individual sensors for appliances, mobility, automation and health care are developed. View of development centre of EBE sensors + motion in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

At EBE sensors + motion sensor and actuator developments undergo comprehensive tests on in-house test benches. EBE has software packages for the recording and evaluation of vast amounts of measuring data in the context of sensor development

Both the PCB-assembly and the assembly of complete sensor technology modules takes place in-house at EBE. For each customer project a manufacturing concept including P-FMEA is developed. The manufacturing is subject to leading industry quality norms

The plants of the manufacturer of sensors and actuators mechatronic parts EBE Elektro-Bau-Elemente GmbH meet all quality and compliance requirements of the automotive and medical engineering industries. Our locations:

  • headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen
  • plants in Rednitzhembach and Friedrichshafen

As an OEM-partner of renowned manufacturers EBE Elektro-Bau-Element GmbH is active in four focal industries on the European market. There is a contact person for each region. We are happy to assist you with

  • individual sensor/actuator projects
  • the planning of sensor production

EBE started in 1950. The beginning was marked by the development of measuring and test devices, in particular step switches. Rotary and linear solenoids followed. Today, EBE Elektro-Bau-Elemente GmbH is a major supplier of:

  • advanced sensor technologies
  • actuator and mechatronics solutions

EBE sensors + motion understands quality assurance as a fundamental mindset. It determines each activity. Suppliers subscribing to this thinking are welcome to the supplier portal. Major topics for purchasing:

  • plastics, cables, turning parts, milling parts
  • electronics, electro-mechanics, PCBs
  • semi-finished goods, DIN-parts, stamped parts
  • assemblies, assembly, finishing