Friedrichshafen, 07 May 2018. The automatic optical PCB-inspection at the EMS plant in Friedrichshafen works with current technology. EBE sensors + motion has recently introduced a system that allows for real 3D measuring. It is the 3D AOI-system Zenith of the global market leader Koh Young.

As opposed to other AOI-systems this device allows for the 100% three-dimensional measuring of electronics components and soldering joints. The measuring process complies with the industry standard IPC-A-610. If required 2D-measurement can be added.

The AOI-system measures the height profile of each component resp. each soldering joint to fractions of a millimeter (32 measurements per pixel). It is based on the patented phase shift moire measuring technology by Koh Young. Even smalllest deviations from the reference values are detected and be portrayed optically. All values can be recorded, stored and traced.

With the three-dimensional automatic optical PCB-inspection (3D AOI) EBE achieves an even better test coverage. The effort for manual inspections decreases.

Once again the benefits of the new measurement system:

  • 100% 3D measurement of components and soldering joints
  • real measurement data evaluation
  • inspection acc. IPC-A-610
  • objective, user-independent program creation
  • SPC analytical tool
  • positioning (x/y offset and torsion), inspection of soldering joints, bridges and polarity
  • nine-way projection system for shadow and reflection-free measurement
  • high-speed camera system with 8 MPix and FoV-size 56x56 mm
  • measuring range up to 25 mm measuring height
  • compensation of LP-warpings up to +/-5 mm

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