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As manufacturers of sensors and switches and as developers of complex mechatronic solutions, we have to meet high customer expectations.

In order to fulfil these high quality requirements at any time, we place the same requirements on our suppliers. Apart from flexibility, reliability and competitive prices these include the fulfilment of quality requirements, compliance with legal regulations and norms as well as innovative ideas.

Our range of components includes product groups such as:

  • Plastic injection parts
  • Cable manufacturing, e.g. leads, cables, cable sets
  • Electronic components, e.g.
    • Solenoids, permanent solenoids
    • Active, passive and electro-mechanic components
    • PCBs
  • Assemblies / component assembly
  • Machined parts, e.g. turning or milling parts
  • Semi-finished parts and DIN parts
  • Stamping / stamping and bending parts
  • Surface finishing
  • Indirect material
  • Transports / logistics services

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