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Quality sensors

​Sophisticated Fluid Quality Sensors for OEM Applications: Detection of Fluid Properties

EBE’s QCRB corTEC® fluid quality sensors offer new possibilities for the precise measurement of fluid properties. These sensors have been specially developed for the detection and monitoring of fluids in OEM and process applications.

Powerful Technology

The technology of the QCRB sensors enables both capacitive and conductive measurements for accurate media detection. This dual measurement method allows a detailed analysis of the media and offers a high selectivity that could previously only be achieved by using multiple sensors. The corTEC® technology is a patented sensor principle that is able to determine the real and imaginary part of the permittivity. This makes it possible to differentiate between media based on different capacitance and/or resistance values, even if the relative permittivity or conductivity is identical.

Measurement Ranges and Accuracy

corTEC® capacitive measurement ranges from 0.1pF to 80pF with a resolution of typically less than 0.1pF. This allows detection of media in a relative permittivity (εr) range of vacuum (=1) through oils and solids (typ. <5) all the way to water (80 and higher). The conductance measurement range is from 0,04 to 100mS (10 to 25.000 Ohm) which converts to a conductivity range, depending on OEM-housings, to about 0,1mS/cm to 200mS/cm. Other ranges are available on request.

Real-time Calibration and Long-Term Stability

The sensors offer real-time calibration to compensate for environmental influences and ensure high short and long-term stability and repeatability. This makes them ideal for mass production where instrument quality is required. Real-time analysis of fluid quality can meet strict regulations, improve safety and health standards and increase production efficiency through predictive maintenance and process optimization.

Find further information in our Data Sheet.

Versatile Application Possibilities

EBE fluid quality sensors are capable of detecting gases, liquids, solids and highly viscous media, even without direct contact with the medium. They can be installed in special hygienic, robust or miniature housings and offer real-time measurements for a wide range of applications. Using EBE fluid quality sensors reduces the need for frequent laboratory testing and the associated costs. Contamination or undesirable changes in fluid properties are quickly detected, allowing immediate action to prevent safety and health issues.


Possible Areas of Application