Quality – More Than a Philosophy



How EBE sensors + motion Ensures Reliable Sensor Technology and Mechatronics

Our aim is to satisfy and inspire our customers. Transparent procedures and defined processes ensure that your wishes are realized.

EBE is certified to ISO 9001:2015 at all locations and lives by the principles of a modern management system. The concept of quality is supported and promoted at all levels at EBE.

Regular product and subject training courses turn our employees into experts; they are the cornerstone of our company. Know-how and high motivation as well as the pleasure of satisfying our customers are the driving forces behind our development.

Highest quality standards regardless of the quantity

At EBE, quality begins with the initial concept and does not end as long as you purchase your product from us, from the product development process to series production support and product phase-out control.

This naturally applies to all our locations, now and in the future. Products from the automotive and medical sectors are naturally treated, at least in part, in accordance with the applicable standards in which we can draw on many years of experience.

In addition to our product quality standards, it is always our aim to communicate openly with our customers and partners, both with authorities and certification bodies, and to solve any problems before they arise.

The integration of the increasing environmental requirements, REACH and RoHS requirements, the exclusion of conflict materials, as well as the carbon footprint of our company are and remain constant challenges that we are happy to face in order to manufacture every product with the appropriate sustainability.

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