Sensor-Based Buttons and Rotary Encoders


Reliable and Robust Control Panels with Capacitive and Inductive Sensor Buttons and Rotary Encoders

Sensor-Based Buttons and Rotary Encoders

Touch sensors from EBE sensors + motion for innovative control panels are specially developed robust all-rounders for use in appliances, medical engineering, sanitary technology, user interfaces in rough industrial environments and more.

Capacitive capaTEC® Sensor Systems for Reliable Detection

Wherever it comes to robust and reliable actuation in spite of contamination of the user interface by dust, water, steam, oil, grease and acids, the sensor buttons from EBE are at home. The influence of coatings on the user interface can be deducted or compensated by a multi-dimensional measurement of the touch, e.g. by a human finger or glove.

Individual adaptation options allow for maximum performance and dynamics for safe and reliable control panels. Based on proven algorithms, the capacitive touch sensors can be individually adapted to a great variety of material thicknesses of non-conductive user interfaces such as real glass, acrylic, wood or plastics while achieving a maximum dynamic range. The capacitive buttons or slide controls can be realized on a single circuit board and supplied and calculated by a µ-controller. Depending on the requirement, the electrodes get a planar or, by means of a flexible circuit board, concave or convex design. Any interfaces can be individually generated and realized. The arrangement of the respective sensor buttons and switches can be freely selected Several touch sensors or slide controls can be centrally controlled via a µ-controller. Likewise, a control panel can be easily adapted to an existing infrastructure and interface world. In this way, complex re-designs of existing machine interfaces and interfaces of central electronics boards are not required. The size and shape of the touch sensors are individually adapted to the existing conditions. If necessary, EBE also develops and supplies an individual housing for the sensor electronics.

The development of capacitive buttons and touch sensors is made according to the application-specific requirements of our customers. The sensors are developed in a targeted and indivdual way. All this is largely based on the sensor technology capaTEC® developed by EBE.

Touch-Through-Metal Based on Inductive Indutec® Sensors

Touch-through control panels are ideally suited for elegant metal environments in kitchen and canteen appliances as well as in other industrial housings. By means of inductive sensors, reliable and robust switch applications which are resistant to water and dirt can be designed. The housing shape need not be subordinated to the operating function. Housing surfaces can remain completely closed and thus be cleaned by high-pressure cleaners or other rough cleaning processes. They can be finished by printing, laser engraving or surface etching without any problems.

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