Position Sensors

Position Sensors

Position Sensors

Intelligent inductive measurement of positions

Individually developed position sensors from EBE sensors + motion measure the desired quantities in a wide variety of applications. The intelligent and inductive sensors can be used in areas with extreme environmental conditions.

EBE position sensors provide a robust and cost-effective means of path measurement. Especially in rough environments, it is essential to determine path or angle reliably. These include commercial vehicles, industrial plants or sorting machines. The development of position sensors is made according to application-specific requirements by the customers.

EBE’s induTEC® technology is the basis for the function of the position sensors. It is the starting point for product development. The inductive measurement principle: the position and displacement of a metallic or permeable target is detected by a coil structure. The effects of temperature, ageing and component dispersion are compensated by differential coil structures. The position sensor can be designed to be cost effective. The coils are designed as PCB inductors. The arrangement can be integrated to save space. The sensitivity and tolerances are sufficient for many applications. No external coils to wind and contact. Winded sensor coils can be used for more complex and demanding applications. They can be used to generate a magnetic measurement field that provides additional degrees of freedom. EBE uses winding machines and potting systems to manufacture the coils to professional standards.

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