Mechatronics, electromagnetics and EMS services from a single source



Mechatronics and solenoids used intelligently. EMS services precisely implemented.

A particularly large portfolio of solenoids offers the solution for every application. They hold, pull, push, switch, open, close, raise or lower. And that with great strength. The different types can be adapted to specific requirements. As an OEM partner, EBE offers the production of special solenoids and quick customer and application-specific modifications.

If this is still not enough, EBE also offers the development of mechatronics components based on magnetics or sensor systems. In addition, electronics development E²MS including in-house manufacturing extends our portfolio.


For each application the appropriate, strong and long-lived solenoid. The EBE portfolio includes a variety of solenoid types which can be adapted to individual requirements. Typical applications of the solenoids:

  • Automation, actuation, release, switching
  • Appliances, medical engineering, devices, vehicles

Mechatronic Modules

EBE sensors + motion supplies individual, customized and intelligent mechatronic modules and control systems for a wide range of applications.

These are used, for example, in:

  • Household appliances
  • Control systems for mechatronic modules and components
  • Door and flap control systems

Mechatronic Development

The OEM partner EBE sensors + motion supplements the customer-specific development of sensors and drives with a complete mechatronics development.

  • Specific electronics

  • Proven software

  • Customized mechanics

EMS services

Production of robust sensor technology and mechatronics. Electronic assemblies, electronic systems and complete devices are supported. The product ranges include:

  • Household appliances
  • Medical engineering
  • Industrial and heavy-duty applications

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