Customized software, electronics and mechanics

Mechatronic Development

Mechatronic Development

Software and electronics know-how combined with mechanical expertise

EBE attaches great importance to top-class electronics development. EBE also develops the electronics for the mechatronic products and drives in-house.

Electronics development – from PCB design to testing in climate chambers

The sensor electronics are developed as part of the OEM services for specific applications and individual projects. In this way, EBE guarantees that function, production, quality and price exactly match the planned product. Typical applications are Level measurement and other functions in household appliances or in production plants, vehicle technology, heavy-duty applications.

Initially, electronics development is based on the company’s own technology platforms. On this basis, the electronics for sensors, controls and drives are adapted to individual requirements and applications. In addition – depending on the requirements:

  • Suitable interfaces and connectors
  • Additional functionalities

Further engineering services as part of electronics development for OEM customers:

  • Circuit and PCB design using professional CAD tools such as Altium Designer or Eagle-Layout Editor
  • 3D field simulation with CST-Studio Suite for the design and optimization of sensor elements in capacitive and inductive measuring systems
  • Fast adaptation of electrode and coil structures to the customer application

Fast real-time oscilloscopes, spectrum and network analyzers are available for testing, verification and validation. Environmental influences are investigated in separate climate chambers.

Software development – proven platforms for proven sensor software

EBE develops and tests the software, firmware and algorithms for customer-specific sensors in its own laboratory. The sensor software is developed as part of the OEM services for specific applications and individual projects. In this way, EBE guarantees that the function, programming, quality and price exactly match the planned product.

Software development for sensors is initially based on the company’s own technology platforms. Proven solutions are also available for controlling the drive technology. On this basis, EBE programs according to the needs of OEM customers. The flexible architecture of the platforms allows quick and individual adaptations. Specific requirements regarding interfaces, connectors and additional functionalities of the sensor software can be integrated.

In sensor applications, it is essential to adapt algorithms and parameters to the ambient conditions. This is why EBE carries out extensive measurements for every OEM project. Powerful software packages are used to record and evaluate data and optimize parameters. EBE works in modern software environments such as Matlab and uses a tool suite developed in-house. The programs used can record data over long periods of time and display and process large volumes of data.

Algorithms can initially be implemented on a script basis in order to check them offline using the recorded data. Parameters and threshold values can be optimized according to various aspects using a software tool developed at EBE.

All EBE sensors have a diagnostic interface for PC-supported recording of measurement data. In addition, data from other measuring devices and laboratory equipment can be stored synchronously. These include multimeters, data loggers and climate chambers. Test benches can be controlled with target values in defined workflows.

The expected influences are determined, analyzed and incorporated into the software design for the sensors. Typical environmental conditions are, for example, heat, humidity, violent movements or severe interference.

Mechanical development – from the idea to series production

An engineering solution must be complete. And 100% suitable for the planned product. Be it a dishwasher, a medical device, an electric vehicle or a machine. This is why EBE’s full program includes mechanical development, housing design, rapid prototyping, sample construction and the development of suitable electric motor drives. The mechanical design experts develop housings that are specifically adapted to the individual installation space. This plays an important role when planning new door opening modules for white goods appliances, for example.

EBE’s developers also realize the specific design and implementation of electric motor solutions and gearboxes. Many parts can also be made from plastic for cost-optimized large-scale production. The EBE laboratory uses the latest methods and design tools to construct mechanics and housings precisely to size. Efficient rapid prototyping is one of our outstanding engineering skills. The aim is to optimize the design even before the first sample is produced.

  • The design is carried out using the 3D CAD system Solid Works.
  • FEM simulations show the deformation under bending, fracture, heat and resonance.
  • High-performance 3D printers produce the first sample parts within a short time.
  • Stereolithography (SLA) and fused deposition molding (FDM) help with prototyping.
  • The samples are verified using 3D measuring machines from Zeiss and force-displacement test rigs.

The development program for OEM projects ranges from the project outline, CAD design, prototyping and sample construction to the start of series production.

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