Electronic Manufacturing Services

EMS services and PCB assembly

Electronic Manufacturing Services

EMS services and PCB assembly with expertise in robust sensor technology and mechatronics

EBE sensors + motion offers EMS services and PCB assembly with a focus on robust sensor technology and mechatronics. Our EMS experts guarantee first-class assembly and mounting of electronic components from renowned brands. Every day, our team in Tettnang on Lake Constance demonstrates exceptional expertise and routine while supporting projects for all EBE customers from our headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

Our EMS plant manufactures high-quality, robust sensor technology and mechatronics for various product worlds, including household appliances, medical technology, commercial vehicles, industrial and heavy-duty applications. We support electronic assemblies, electronic systems and complete devices.

The EMS services and PCB assembly for prototypes and series at EBE sensors + motion include

  • SMD assembly of prototypes and series
  • THT assembly of small and large batches
  • Manual wiring
  • Optical inspection
  • Functional tests and endurance tests

Put your trust in EBE sensors + motion as your reliable partner for electronic manufacturing services with the highest precision and quality. Contact us for your project.

SMD PCB assembly: High level of automation

EBE sensors + motion’s EMS production plant in Tettnang operates two modern SMD lines. The strengths:

  • Assembly capacity: 85,000 electronic components per hour
  • Integrated end-to-end upgrade control
  • Processing of all common sizes

EBE ensures traceability so that customers can automatically identify their PCBs and assemblies at any time and track entire batches. On request, EBE can mark PCBs with serial numbers, codes, logos or other specifications before assembly. Soldering is carried out using the convection, reflow or vapor phase process. EBE’s systems deliver exemplary and reproducible soldering results. As a rule, EBE selects low setting temperatures that are gentle on materials and save energy.

THT PCB assembly: Robust solution

EBE’s sensor and mechatronic products generally perform reliably for decades. They measure fill levels, positions or movements even in heavy-duty environments. Thanks to this experience with extreme applications, EBE knows which loads the electronic components have to withstand.

EMS customers benefit from this experience in PCB assembly. In some cases, it is advantageous to choose extremely robust solutions. Through-hole PCB assembly (THT), for example, is an option here. THT is recommended

  • For heavy electronic parts such as capacitors or transformers
  • For components subject to high mechanical stress

Services from EBE sensors + motion in the field of EMS

As an industry-neutral service provider, EBE-Werk offers electronic manufacturing services for projects of all sizes – be it the development of prototypes, the production of small batch sizes or the implementation of large series.

Our comprehensive range of electronic manufacturing services includes

  • Consulting, planning and cost calculation
  • Project management and material logistics
  • SMD and THT PCB assembly
  • Component production and assembly
  • Automatic and visual inspection, functional tests
  • Just-in-time delivery to the production line

With years of experience, numerous references and certifications, we guarantee that EBE sensors + motion works competently and professionally. Our teams undergo continuous further training and adhere unconditionally to industry-relevant standards, such as the current IPC-A 610. In this way, we guarantee our customers planning, process and quality reliability.