Solutions for Medical Devices


Medical engineering

Custom-Fit Solutions for Level Measurement, the Operation of Medical Devices, or Position Monitoring

EBE sensors + motion supports medical technology companies as their development partner for individually designed mechatronic and sensoric components and systems. These include sensor systems for the detection of filling levels or positions, components for hygienic and reliable control elements and robust actuation systems.

All our products are manufactured in Germany and fulfil the high quality standards in medical engineering. Long availability of the products along with consistent quality is therefore guaranteed.

Dialysis Machines

Reliable and exact components for dialysis machines from EBE fulfil different tasks in medical practices.

  • Level monitoring of all media
  • Combined sensor technology to check inserted containers
  • HMI components for user interfaces


Ventilators or respirators must excel by reliable and continuous operation. The EBE product portfolio can be used here as follows:

  • Level measurement in containers
  • Hygienic user interfaces

Treatment Units

Products from EBE sensors + motion can be used with modern treatment units as follows:

  • Position sensors at the examination couch
  • Level Sensors for Integrated and Removable Containers
  • Buttons, Rotary Encoders and Sliders at the Operating Units

Orthopedic Aids

Mechatronic protheses and exoskeletons require resilient modules for the safe support of their users. For this purpose, EBE sensors + motion provides:

  • Long-lived and precise position sensor

Walking Aids and Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs and walking aids are high-tech devices these days. EBE sensors + motion provides support by:

  • HMI components for control units
  • Position sensors for path and angle recognition

Devices for Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine devices are supported by EBE sensors + motion with the following components:

  • Robust and long-lived rotary encoders and rotary switches
  • Compact and precise level sensors
  • Reliable actuators

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