Orthopedic Aids

Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Components for Absolute Precision Work

Modern mechatronic protheses are capable of “feeling” natural movements. Maximum freedom of movement for the user is pivotal. Exoskeletons support their users when doing heavy physical work or help people usually sitting in the wheelchair to walk upright. In both application cases, a sensor system that is precise to a fraction of a millimeter is required.

Intelligent Measurement of Angle and Path

The focus of EBE position sensors lies on the reliable determination of angle and path as well as on durability and robustness. The inductive EBE technology offers precise measurement results in a particulary small installation space. For orthoses and exoskeletons, these properties are essential. The user has to rely on the sensor that unfailingly determines the respective position to a fraction of millimeter. The perseverance of the EBE position sensors has been proven in production automation thousands of times. All sensors work continuously for 24 hours on 7 days a week without any signs of fatigue. The determination of angle and position is reliably reported for a fluent sequence of movements.

EBE has three locations in Southern Germany.