Touch Sensors

Touch Sensors

Touch Sensors

Touch Sensors for Harsh Environments

In the development of reliable and robust control panels, touch-sensitive technologies, in particular buttons and encoders, play a crucial role. EBE sensors + motion offers an innovative range of touch sensors specifically designed for demanding user interfaces in a variety of industries. In kitchen appliances, medical technology, sanitation and the harshest industrial environments, our high quality products are widely used.

Capacitive Sensor Technology for Reliable Touch Buttons

Capacitive touch sensors from EBE sensors + motion are the ideal solution for robust and reliable operation despite contamination from dust, water, vapour, oils, greases and acids. Even in the most challenging environments, capaTEC® sensor technology enables precise touch detection. Coatings on the user interface have no effect on performance because our sensors take multi-dimensional measurements of touch. With customisation options, our touch sensors offer maximum performance and dynamics for safe control panels. Proven algorithms allow the sensors to adapt to different material thicknesses, from real glass and acrylic to wood and plastic. Capacitive buttons from EBE sensors + motion are implemented on a printed circuit board and powered by a μController. The electrodes can be planar or convex/concave.

New Touch Sensors for Harsh Environments

Innovation and functionality go hand in hand with EBE sensors + motion touch sensors. We have developed a breakthrough technology that makes capacitive buttons fully functional even when fully wetted with water. Our touch sensors overcome challenges such as minimal contamination, frequent cleaning and electromagnetic interference to ensure reliable operation even in the harshest environments or when gloves are worn.

Capacitive Sensors with Innovative Functionality

Our technology eliminates artifacts to shield the desired tactile signal from interference. The touch sensors can recognise different types of media and are able to make a conscious decision to perform or not to perform a switching operation. They also differentiate the type of movement, which is particularly useful in the cleaning process to avoid accidental actuation. With their high sensitivity and adaptability to different installation situations, our capacitive buttons offer a wide range of applications. It is also possible to operate the device with thick gloves.

Discover the future of touch sensors with groundbreaking capacitive sensors from EBE sensors + motion. Our developments are based on proven sensor capaTEC® technology to ensure the highest performance and adaptability.

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