Sensor Systems, Mechatronics, and Actuator Technology in Industry



OEM-Partner for the Industry

For decades, EBE sensors + motion has accompanied the industry on its way to the most efficient and reliable production systems. The contribution of EBE consists in the development and manufacturing of robust sensors, actuators and solenoids for industrial use.

Process Automation

EBE offers solutions for a wide range of applications in automation technology and production plants.

  • Contactless level measurement in sensitive areas
  • Components for safe operating panels
  • Magnetics for locking purposes
  • Path-angle sensor systems for compact robots

Heating and Air Conditioning

Reliable components for the heating and air conditioning technology

  • Level sensors for tanks and siphons
  • Sensor buttons and rotary encoders for innovative control panels
  • Solenoids for flap control

Sanitary Engineering

Innovative sensor solutions and control elements for the sanitary area

  • Waterproof and completely closed rotary encoders and rotary switches
  • Gesture sensors based on the ToF technology
  • Level sensors for small dimensions

Industrial Canteens

The EBE product portfolio offers excellent technology for a wide variety of applications in restaurant kitchens.

  • Level measurement and detection of door positions by means of sensor systems
  • Modules for automatic door opening
  • Insensitive components for control surfaces

Locking Technology and Locking Systems

EBE offers a wide product range for electronic locking systems.

  • Solenoids for locking systems and turnstiles

  • Path sensor systems and door opening modules for flaps and doors

  • Capacitive Buttons and Key Switches for Control Panels

Vending Machines

EBE products are used in vending machines.

  • Switches and buttons for robust and reliable control panels

  • Magnetics and actuator technology at output trays

EBE has three locations in Southern Germany.