Process Automation



OEM Partner for Sensors, Mechatronics, Human-Machine Interfaces, and Electromagnetics

EBE sensors + motion has accompanied industry automation for decades. Efficient and reliable systems are our claim. The contribution of EBE consists in the development and manufacturing of robust sensors, actuators and solenoids for industrial use.

Mechatronic und Sensoric Solutions

EBE develops and produces individual sensoric and mechatronic solutions for a variety of applications in process automation. Among other things, level sensors from EBE are used in laboratory and diagnostic devices to detect smallest volumes. By means of time-of-flight or ToF sensors, filling levels of bulk materials can be measured. Human movements can also be detected by this technology. Furthermore, it is possible to detect objects, determine their position or calculate their volume. Position and path-angle sensors from EBE optimize many applications in the robotics and automation industry.

Safe to Operate, Stable Human-Machine Interfaces

For the operation of machines and devices the EBE portfolio contains touch sensors and slide controls based on capacitive sensor technology as well as classic rotary encoders, switches and buttons. Capacitive sensors are designed for installation beneath non-conductive materials. Sensor buttons can be integrated and ideally adapted to ambient conditions even beneath curved surfaces. This diversified product portfolio by EBE sensors + motion offers the optimum platform for innovative control panels of individual customer applications.

Magnetics for Locking and Valve Actuation

Wherever mechanical lockings and closures are required and have to be electrically moved resp. actuated, there is a demand for soleniods. For this purpose, EBE offers a wide portfolio of modifiable encoders and specified actuating solenoids.

Individual Development and Professional Series Production

As a development and production partner, EBE sensors + motion fulfils all tasks relevant for OEMs. Our development and design excel by a wide range of services and many years of experience. Components for industrial use are customized, developed and manufactured for large series production. As an OEM partner, EBE precisely integrates its sensor technology and mechatronics into the respective application and equips it with the desired interfaces. The EBE development center will also find a way to series production for your project. Find out here about customer-specific solutions and ask the EBE development center for ideas concerning your own project.

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