High-resolution inductive sensors for distance and position

induTEC® – Precise Inductive Sensors

Micrometers, millimeters, one degree or one tenth of a degree? Inductive sensors based on the induTEC® technology by EBE can handle the desired units. They reliably measure distance and position and are extremely robust. The inductive sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications. These include intelligent opening modules in household appliances, position sensors and presence detection.

The EBE induTEC® Platform as the Basis of Individually Adapted Inductive Measurement

induTEC® for inductive sensors determines the resonance of an array of measuring coils. Placing a metallic or permeable target near the inductive sensor induces eddy currents. The inductance varies. The resulting detuning of the resonant frequency can be used to determine the position of the target relative to the inductive sensor. EBE designs and manufactures differential coil structures. They easily compensate for the effects of temperature, ageing and component dispersion. The optimal signal stroke can also be developed. This is achieved by using a powerful 3D field simulator to design the coil geometries.

Sensors can be made more efficient by realizing the coils as PCB inductivities. The arrangement thus requires less space. Sensitivity and tolerances are sufficient for many applications. The manufacturing costs for the winding and contacting of external coils are avoided. In some applications, it can still make sense to resort to wound sensor coils. This solution allows for additional degrees of freedom in forming the magnetic measuring field. In these cases, winding and potting machines for the professional manufacturing of sensor elements are at EBE’s disposal.

OEM Development of Inductive Sensors

As an OEM partner, EBE develops and manufactures suitable high-resolution inductive sensors based on induTEC® technology. They are suitable for a variety of applications and large series products. The sensor system can be precisely specified within the framework of the OEM development. In this way, the induTEC® sensors ensure the desired position for determining path, distance, position or angle. Furthermore, EBE can integrate the inductive position or angle sensors into individual modules or housings. Likewise, it is possible to combine the sensor system with switches, motors, gears, levers and other mechanisms.

The manifold applications of the induTEC® measuring system are already used in areas such as:

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