Level Sensors for Liquids and Solids

capaTEC® Technology

capaTEC® Level Sensors

EBE Level Sensors for Precision and Reliability

With the capaTEC® level sensor, EBE sensors + motion offers a capacitive and non-invasive sensor for liquids and solids. This is ideal for OEM and high-volume products. Our planar, capacitive sensors are ready for immediate use and are particularly suitable for aqueous liquids or liquids with high permittivity.

The EBE capaTEC® level sensor is particularly suitable for aqueous liquids and those with high permittivity. With an impressive measuring distance of up to 6 mm to the tank, the sensor provides continuous, non-contact level measurement. It does not come into contact with the medium. This feature eliminates complex build-up on the tank container and contamination of the medium by the sensor. Easy implementation in various applications is an outstanding advantage of our level sensors. A printed circuit board, which can be attached directly to the tank, contains everything you need. The sensor is equipped with a common connector. It provides data over the entire measuring range of the electrodes via PWM or I2C.


The Advantages of EBE Level Sensors at a Glance:

  • Detection of a continuous level of aqueous media with air gap up to 6 mm.
  • Contact-free, wear-free and reliable measurements without direct contact with the medium.
  • Maintenance-free sensor solutions that work reliably even in the presence of contamination or biofilms.
  • Easy integration with other applications due to compact design and common connector.
  • Different models, such as the LCPB025 with a 25mm sensor area or the LCPB096 with a 96mm sensor area, can be flexibly adapted to different requirements.

Our LCPB series of level sensors are based on the second generation of the patented capaTEC® technology. This innovative technology detects only the differential capacitance between the electrodes. This makes the sensors extremely insensitive to interference. The sensors have built-in temperature and humidity compensation. This enables them to deliver accurate measurements in fluctuating environmental conditions.



LCPB Series Product Details:

  • LCPB025: 25 mm sensor area, dimensions 38×25 mm.
  • LCPB096: 96 mm sensor area, dimensions 33×100 mm.


  • Household appliances

  • Medical engineering

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Process Industry

  • Heating and air conditioning technology

  • Sanitary Engineering

  • Vending Machines


  • 25mm sensor area at dimensions: 38x25mm

  • Accuracy 1mm

  • Non-contact, non-conductive tank

  • Insensitive to interference caused by touching

  • 5 V power supply

For more technical details on the EBE LCPB standard sensors, please see our datasheet: LCPB datasheet


EBE Level Sensor Evaluation Kit – Quick Introduction to the Application


We offer the EBE level sensor evaluation kit for immediate readiness for use.

This includes:

  • Sensors with the dimensions 25mm (38x25mm) and 96mm (33x100mm)
  • JST plug-in connection incl. Interface-Box (5 V)

The data is transmitted via PWM, UART or I2C interface. This allows customers to test the performance of the level sensors in their own applications. The download link for the associated EBE Sensor Control Software can be found in our Download Center.




Customer-Specific Level Sensors for Individual Projects:

EBE designs level sensors according to the specific requirements and characteristics of the customer’s application. The capaTEC® technology enables precise adaptation to confined spaces and difficult conditions. The development and planning of large-scale production is carried out in close co-operation with our customers.
Our level sensors are used in a wide range of industries including household appliances, medical engineering, food and beverage, process, heating and air conditioning, plumbing and vending.

Do you have a custom project? Contact us – EBE will help you find a solution.

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