Other Level Sensors

Other Level Sensors

Complementary Sensor Technologies

Level Monitoring Using Combined Technologies and Optical Sensors

Innovative solutions for precise level monitoring from EBE sensors + motion offer solutions for the most individual application problems. ToF sensors are used to optically detect the level of non-capacitive media and bulk solids with complex geometries. The capacitive level monitoring system with inductive parameter tracking has been specially developed for use in plastic swap-body tank systems.

Capacitive Level Monitoring with Inductive Parameter Tracking

Level measurement on swap tanks is often faced with the challenge of fluctuating gaps. EBE sensors + motion offers an innovative solution to this problem by compensating for the manufacturing and assembly tolerances of plastic parts.
Our new sensor technology, specially optimised for plastic swap tanks, is based on a combination sensor. This capacitive level sensor with electrode structure and μ-controller is additionally equipped with an inductive proximity sensor. This combination allows real-time tracking of parameters as a function of the individual air gap.

Features of the Combination Sensor:

  • Capacitive level sensor for level measurement through the tank wall, tank cavity and frame.
  • Inductive proximity sensor measures the actual distance to the tank surface.
  • Compensates for variations due to individual available air gap.
  • Available as a level switch, limit switch or continuous sensor

As part of custom sensor development, individual parameter sets are defined once and stored in the sensor’s flash memory. This elegant solution requires no calibration by the customer or user and no additional electronics.
The shape and area of the combination sensor can be adapted to the requirements of the individual application or tank. Starting from a sensor area of 25 x 30 mm, material thicknesses and air gaps of a total of seven millimetres or more can be overcome without any problems.
The combination sensors are ideal for use on swap tank systems in white goods, process industries, mobile cleaning equipment, and sanitary and camping applications.

Level Monitoring with ToF Sensors

EBE also offers standard Time of Flight (ToF) sensing for various applications, including level measurement for granular and liquid media. With infrared laser technology, distances between 20-400 cm can be measured. The two-dimensional sensors sit directly on the printed circuit board, allowing easy integration into other structures and saving space.

Features of EBE ToF sensors

  • Energy-saving version
  • Multi-Object Detection
  • Detection of ambient light
  • Object detection down to 1 cm

Customized Solutions for Level Monitoring

Discover tailor-made solutions for level monitoring with our customized level sensors. The geometry of our sensors can be adapted precisely to the available installation space. Assembly and planning of large-scale production are carried out in close cooperation with the customer’s design department. As the requirements vary in every project, our sensor is individually adapted for optimum performance. The design of the electrodes plays a decisive role in the development of an individual level sensor.

Using 3D field simulations, we optimize the electrodes for the specific application and environmental conditions to ensure the best possible performance. Our electrical measurement field not only penetrates the sensor structures, but also the materials of the tank, making them an integral part of the sensor system. The interfaces, connectors and the form of the signal output are realized by EBE sensors + motion precisely according to the individual requirements of our customers. This means that our level sensors can be quickly and easily integrated into existing environments without the need for a costly redesign of the device.

Do you also have a special application with individual requirements for level monitoring? We are at your side with our specialist knowledge and will be happy to help you find a solution. Put your trust in our experience in the development of customized level solutions and contact us.