Proven Sensor Technologies
from EBE sensors + motion



Capacitive, Inductive and Optical Sensors from EBE sensors + motion

EBE’s innovative sensor technology is based on in-house sensor technologies. Based on this, OEM partner EBE sensors + motion develops indestructible solutions for measuring fill level, travel, torque and position.

Level Sensors

EBE’s non-invasive level sensors provide a clear view of where liquids and solids need to be monitored. Innovative capacitive and ToF sensors make the difference:

  • Media
  • Volumes
  • Drops, Liquid films and condensates

Touch Sensors

Capacitive buttons and touch sensors from EBE for innovative control panels are robust, specially developed all-rounders for use in

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Medical devices
  • In sanitary facilities
  • For user interfaces in harsh industrial environments

Quality Sensors

EBE’s QCRB corTEC® fluid quality sensors offer new possibilities for the precise measurement of fluid properties. These sensors have been specially developed for the detection and monitoring of fluids in OEM and process applications.

Position Sensors

Especially in rough conditions – in commercial vehicles, industrial plants and sorting machines – the reliable determination of path or angle is essential. EBE offers the suitable inductive sensors. Typical applications of customized position and path sensors:

  • Automation
  • Mobility
  • Identification of Packagings

Based on the capaTEC® technology by EBE, high-resolution capacitive sensors for filling level, force or torque are developed.


The induTEC® technology offers a platform for inductive sensors to measure paths and distances precise to the micrometer. Angle and position can be determined in tiny spaces.


Level sensors based on the corTEC® technology prove their abilities by the exact measurement of highly conductive and adhesive media.

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