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Capacitive sensors based on capaTEC® technology

An individually developed capacitive sensor from the EBE based on capaTEC® measures fill level, movements, torque and much more as required. Are there still enough coffee beans in the machine? Is there enough water in the steamer for the next meal? Has the button been pressed? Sensor solutions based on this capacitive measuring system help in all these cases.

Precise Capacitive Sensors with the capaTEC® Platform by EBE

The capaTEC® technology was completely developed by EBE and excels by high precision and robustness. Even if standard modules are used, the innovative measuring process allows for highest resolutions in the single-digit femtoFarad range. The dynamic parameterization finds the optimum operating point at any time. It achieves the best possible resolution across a wide range of values. Furthermore, the electronics provides stable results across a wide range of temperature and humidity. The control and analysis of several electrodes ensures a multi-channel measuring process. This diversity allows for a variable field configuration and the dynamic focussing of the measuring capacity on the desired area. capaTEC® measuring systems can also analyze the field spectroscopically. In this way, presences become detectable. Thus, level sensors can compensate moisture films.

Apart from the intelligent control and signal evaluation, the design of the measuring electrodes is of prime importance for capacitive sensors. EBE has great experience with the design and optimization of suitable structures. By means of a 3D field simulator, EBE determines the best geometry for the individual application under consideration of the given tolerances. In many cases, the electrodes can directly be integrated on the PCB. This allows for a compact sensor setup. The sensors function contactless, touchless and maintenance-free. The suitable design of the electrodes and the control makes the capacitive sensors based on the capaTEC® technology robust against parasitic capacities. This avoids disturbances which might occur by metal components or touch.

OEM Development of Capacitive Sensors

As an OEM partner, EBE develops and produces sensors based on capaTEC® that are individually adapted to the customer requirements – also for large series products. Electronics, sensor technology, measuring field, housing and mounting of capaTEC® sensors can be specified for a variety of product-related requirements.

  • Fluid sensors based on capaTEC® measure transparent, liquid, solid, conductive and non-conductive media, liquids, bulk material and more.
  • Sensors for mechanic fields of application recognize force, load, elongation, tension, deformation, pressure, torque, position, angle and path.

The manifold applications of capacitive measuring systems from EBE include

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