EBE sensors + motion is a Supplier of Sensors, HMI Components and Mechatronics.

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Our Products

Sensors – Sensor Solutions for Level Measurement, Touch Sensors and Position Sensors

EBE sensors + motion sensors are based on the proven capaTEC®, corTEC® and induTEC® technologies.

HMI – Secure User Interfaces Even Under the Harshest Conditions

Secure User Interfaces Even Under the Harshest Conditions

EBE sensors + motion is a supplier of sensors, HMI components and mechatronics for series production.

Level sensors looking through tank walls. Door opening modules anticipating hand movements. Or rotary switches and encoders, based on sensor systems or classic, working reliably for decades. Shock-resistant solenoids and position sensors for heavy-duty applications. At EBE sensors + motion, manufacturing companies will find innovative and at the same time robust answers in terms of sensor technology, HMI components and mechatronics that you will not find with standard suppliers.



Development and production of sensors, HMI components, electromagnetics and mechatronics for OEM manufacturers with medium and large production volumes.

Benefit from the engineering competence, the inventive spirit, the openness towards new ideas and the uncompromising quality philosophy of EBE. Choose EBE sensors + motion as your competence center for the development and production of sensor systems, HMI components, electromagnetics and mechatronic solutions.

Find detailed information here on the service range and the company, technologies, the product world and OEM manufacturing offers of EBE sensors + motion.



World Premiere: Fluid Quality Sensors for OEM Applications

World Premiere: Fluid Quality Sensors for OEM Applications

The innovative corTEC® QCRB fluid quality sensors from EBE are revolutionizing the measurement of fluid properties. With patented technology, they allow both capacitive and conductive measurements for precise media detection. They are versatile in gases, liquids,...

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