EBE sensors + motion offers OEM sensor solutions, HMI components and actuators for special requirements



Markets and applications for which EBE offers suitable technical solutions for OEM sensors, HMI components, electromagnetics and mechatronics.

As an experienced OEM partner of first-class brand manufacturers, EBE sensors + motion is active in a variety of focal industries. EBE develops and produces highly individual sensor solutions and mechatronics for a variety of requirements and applications.


Making modern household appliances more economical and convenient while manufacturing them cost-effectively.
Manufacturers of appliances for commercial catering also benefit from EBE’s know-how.


No matter if machines in heavy-duty environments, assembly lines in 24-hour operation or stable human-machine interfaces, the industry needs reliable solutions everywhere.

EBE designs, tests and produces components for series production including electronics and software.

Medical engineering

The monitoring and control of devices and functions around the patient are elementary. Medical engineering places great demands.

The development of many components needs to be particularly specific, precise and fast.


Vehicles are exposed to dirt, dust, humidity and strong vibrations. In critical situations, they must not fail. Sensors and switches have to function under all circumstances.

Sensors and switches must work under all circumstances. EBE ensures this with its proven solutions.