Kitchen and Canteen



Sensor Technology and Mechatronics for Level Measurement, Innovative Control Panels, and Automatic Door Openers

For each coffee machine the perfect level sensor. For each refrigerator and every dishwasher the individual door opening module. For each hob the ideal control panel. With this claim in mind, EBE sensors + motion develops and produces mechatronic and drive solutions for appliances in kitchens and canteens.

EBE sensors + motion Offers the Sensor Technology, Mechatronics, Level Sensors, and Door Opening Modules for These Categories

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines with sensor solutions from EBE signal automatically when they are running out of coffee beans, water, milk or detergent. The range of developments includes:

  • Sensor technology for storage tanks
  • Level measurement with adhesive media
  • Capacitive buttons for interactive control panels


The operation of dishwashers can be surprisingly convenient. EBE takes care of this with its developments. Among other things, the range includes:

  • Modules for automatic opening
  • Sensor systems for level measurement
  • Sensor systems for touch-through operating panels

Cooking and Baking

Software-controlled and individually configurable programs transform cooking and baking with modern appliances into a unique experience. For these purposes, EBE develops:

  • Level sensors for water tanks
  • Sensor systems to detect the door position
  • Capacitive sensors for operating panels


EBE brings intelligence into the doors of convenient refrigerators. The doors recognize the users’ wishes and help to fulfil them. The range includes, among others:

  • Push-to-open and pull-to-open concepts
  • Sensor systems to detect the door position

Washing and Drying

Refillable detergent dispensers, reliable level measurement in the condensate tank and long-lived controls make the housework easier. EBE offers solutions for sensor and actuator systems:

  • Level measurement of liquid detergents
  • Solenoids for valve controls

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