Sensor Systems for Ovens, Hobs, and Extractor Hoods.


Cooking, Stewing, Baking – Always the Right Sensor at Hand

With their software-controlled and individually configurable programs, cooking and baking with modern appliances becomes a unique experience. Simple and convenient, to achieve the best results. Furthermore, computer-assisted baking machines are increasingly used in the professional and catering business, helping to achieve perfect baking results in the sales areas of bakery chains or filling stations.

Ovens and Steam Cookers with Level Sensors from EBE

Depending on the model and baked goods, the functional concept of a steam oven also includes the generation and dispensing of steam at certain times of the baking program. When such a program starts, it must be clear how much water is available in the tank. If the amount of water is insufficient, the baking program does not start. Level detection is necessary to monitor this. The capacitive level sensors from EBE sensors + motion are ideally suited for this application. The level measurement is based on the capaTEC® technology developed by EBE. Furthermore, it can reliably detect the presence of an exchangeable water container. capaTEC® precisely measures the real filling level at any time, even if the storage tank contains drops, condensate or bio-film. The capacitive sensor technology allows for faultless functioning even with heat and under difficult environmental conditions.

The same functionality is also required in pure steam cookers. Here, however, a further task is often added. During cleaning and steaming, dirty water develops in the steam cooker. It may contain oil and fat residues from cooked meat or vegetables. This water is collected in a separate removable waste water tank. The oil and fat residues settle on the interior wall of the tank. Conventional capacitive level sensors are often not capable of distinguishing them from a water column. With corTEC®, EBE offers a steam cooker technology able to handle these difficult conditions. It provides reliable measurement results at any time.

Innovative Control Panels for Extractor Hoods, Hobs and Ovens

Innovative control panels can be used for the convenient handling of extractor hoods, hobs and ovens. Based on capacitive sensor systems, reliable touch sensors help to achieve attractive and easy to clean user interfaces. Even in case of severe contaminiation, e.g. by grease or oil, the technology for non-conductive surfaces developed by EBE sensors + motion is stable and trouble-free. Inductive sensors transform metal surfaces into robust, water and dirt-resistant touch-through metal control panels. In doing so, the metal housing can remain completely closed. A wide portfolio of robust rotary encoders and switches perfectly rounds off the range of control panels.

Door Postition Detection at the Oven

Sensor systems for ovens can take over further functions. As an example, the appliance and the user should know the position of the oven door at any time. For this task, EBE sensors + motion has capacitive or inductive door position sensors in its portfolio. They can reliably report to the central electronics at any time if a door is open or closed.

Path and Angle Sensors for Door Opening Modules in Ovens

The trend towards voice control has already reached the kitchen. In this context, the common speech systems that are often already established are suitable. The oven is connected to the speech system by means of SmartHome and moves the oven door when called by an integrated door opening module. The latter precisely monitors the opening angle of the oven door by a path or angle sensor. The inductive path-angle-sensors from EBE sensors + motion are robust and insensitive to ambient conditions. Due to their flat design they are ideally suited for integration into door opening modules with their frequently limited installation spaces.

EBE sensors + motion can individually develop and manufacture the optimum operating solution for a variety of applications such as hobs, oven and steam cookers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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