Level Measurement for Viscous Media

corTEC© Level Sensors

corTEC® Level Sensors

Precise Level Measurement of Demanding Media


In the field of capacitive sensor technology, EBE presents its high-quality corTEC® level sensors, perfect for level measurement of hard-to-detect media. These products are particularly suitable for:

  • The detection of media with low conductivities.
  • The measurement of viscous, adherent and paste-like media in the food & beverage industry as well as for liquid, granular and powdery media and a wide variety of bulk solids.

Advantages of Level Measurement with corTEC® Sensors

The corTEC® level sensors are equipped with an automatic calibration function, which eliminates the need for time-consuming “teach-in”. These versatile sensors can be implemented as limit switches or continuous sensors and offer a variety of designs, including:


  • Immersion measurement caps for non-conductive tank materials or flat attachment to the outside of the tank.
  • Screwed into conductive tank walls as level switch, available with stainless steel tip for granular media or with PEAK or plastic cap.
  • Non-contact PCB sensors for external level detection.

Customised Level Measurement for Bespoke Projects

Our customer-specific sensor developments are based on specific requirements and characteristics of the customer’s application. Proven basic algorithms and technologies, such as corTEC®, are adapted to individual requirements.
The geometry of the sensors is precisely matched to the installation space and, thanks to close coordination with the customer’s design department, assembly and production plans are drawn up for large series. 3D field simulation allows electrodes to be optimised for operating and environmental conditions.
EBE sensors + motion implements interfaces, connectors and the form of the signal output exactly according to the customer’s requirements. As a result, our level sensors can be quickly and easily integrated into existing environments.

Do you also have individual requirements when it comes to level sensors? Tell us about your project or planned application. We will be happy to help you find a solution.

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