HMI Components from
EBE sensors + motion



Secure User Interfaces Even Under the Harshest Conditions

Resilient HMI components from EBE sensors + motion defy extreme environmental conditions such as heat, cold, humidity, water pressure, shock, or vibrations, ensuring optimal usability in the deployed application.

Since 1950, EBE has been designing and manufacturing switches and rotary encoders. They serve as reliable components for human-machine interfaces to control medical devices, household appliances, commercial vehicles, and industrial equipment. The product range includes various types of electromechanical and sensor-based encoders: rotary switches, rotary encoders, encoders/decoders, and rotary pulse generators.

For several years now, capacitive buttons, sliders, and sensor-based encoders have also been part of EBE’s product portfolio. Thanks to our high level of manufacturing expertise, all components can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Modifiable features include detent angle, number of detents, shaft length and diameter, switch type, wiring, responsiveness, or output signal.

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For quick and easy input of digital values, our reliable EBE encoders are the perfect choice. Our range includes encoders, rotary pulse generators, handwheels, and solutions for harsh environments. You can choose from all the typical principles of signal generation:

  • Mechanical, magnetic
  • Electronic, optical, contactless

Rotary Switches and Buttons

The powerful switch and button program from EBE sensors + motion offers a wide range of options and is characterized by its robustness and durability. All types can be modified to meet different requirements and operating conditions with the following specifications:

  • Switching levels, types of switches, detents
  • Installation, connection, degree of protection

Sensor-Based Buttons and Encoders

Capacitive buttons and touch sensors by EBE for innovative control panels are robust, specially designed all-rounders for use in kitchen appliances, medical devices, the sanitary sector, and for control interfaces in harsh industrial environments.

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