Door Opening Modules for Refrigerators



Convenience in the Kitchen – Intelligence in the Refrigerator Door

Refrigerators are increasingly placed in the middle of living rooms or kitchens or integrated almost invisibly into cabinet fronts. Handleless furniture design plays a central role in this respect, underlining the elegance of the interior. In order to be able to conveniently open the handleless door of a refrigerator, an opening module is used.

The automatic, quiet and smooth opening of the appliance is effected by a gentle pressure on the door front. A sensor detects the opening request. The closing function in the hinge system supports the closing of the refrigerator and so ensures that the refrigerator or freezer door is not left open accidentally for a longer period of time.

EBE sensors + motion develops the sensor technology and mechatronics components for the opening system individually for each model.

The Functional Principle of Intelligent Door Opening Modules from EBE

It goes unnoticed when the door opening modules from EBE support the user opening the door.

  • With the pull-to-open opening concept, the module recognizes the pulling of the user at the handle. A plunger extends. It pushes the door open at the automatically adapted speed which matches the individual opening speed of the user.
  • With the push-to-open opening concept, the door opening module recognizes the gentle pressure on the appliance front. This triggers its activation and the opening of the refrigerator door. If necessary and unnoticed by the user, his or her opening request is supported by a force of up to 300 N (the equivalent of 30 kg).

More Sensor Technology for Refrigerators

Sensor systems for refrigerators can take over further functions. To give an example, door position sensors are increasingly used. hey can reliably detect if the door of a refrigerator or freezer is really closed. EBE sensors + motion develops the respective units. Depending on the model, door position sensors can be realized with inductive or capacitive sensors.

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