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Innovative Level Sensors and Precise Valve Control – Machines Monitor Themselves

Faster and more convenient. Automated and program-controlled. Modern washing machines and dryers make housework a lot easier.

Level Measurement of Adhesive Media in Washing Machines

People increasingly use liquid detergents in convenient single-use or reusable cartridges. Permanently installed storage tanks are equally popular. These machines, however, require level sensors that measure the supply of detergents and signal the user the need for replenishment. Liquid detergents and softeners pose major challenges to the sensor system of a washing machine, though. They strongly adhere to the inner wall of the container and create films as well as drying residues.

With its corTEC® technology, EBE sensors + motion offers a solution that faultlessly measures the filling levels of highly adhesive and film-forming liquids. As one of only a few providers worldwide, EBE offers a technology which is both up to the requirements posed by viscous liquids and suitable for volume production. The level sensors based on the corTEC® technology are always developed according to the requirements of the customer and individually in terms of size and shape. Whether the sensor performs its work from outside through the tank of non-conductive material, whether it is used as a rod probe in case of conductive tank walls or whether the sensor is combined with a suction lance can be individually adapted.

Safety by Capacitive Sensor Systems

Users of washing machines want to be sure that everything is fine during operation resp. their absence. To give an example, the appliance must not leak. In the event of failures, aquastop safety systems prevent any water leakage. EBE sensors + motion offers manufacturers of washing machines a sensor technology that reliably supports aquastop systems: the capacitive level measurement based on the capaTEC® technology. Compared to conventional float gauge or microswitch solutions, the capacitive level measurement saves precious installation space. The sensor technology requires only little space. Furthermore, it does not contain any movable components that may wear or get stuck.

In dryers, capaTEC® detects the fluid level in the condensate tank. The capacitive sensor system avoids the disadvantages of conventional resistive systems. The level sensor has no direct contact with the fluid. Fluff, residues or lime in the condensate do not impair its function in any way.

Application-Specific Solenoids for Valve Control

Powerful solenoids control the valves in washing machines. They switch resp. actuate the inflow and drainage controls. Apart from the high actuating power, a long service life and 100% reliability are required. Solenoids are frequently located in difficult to access resp. completely closed parts of the machine. Replacing them is difficult or utterly impossible.

For decades, the delivery program of EBE sensors + motion has included solenoids meeting these special requirements of washing machines. Appropriate actuating solenoids can be modified or developed for individual appliances and applications. EBE develops the design, actuating power, switching speed and further features according to the parameters and specifications of the customer. Thermal protection devices and rectifiers ensure a safe and lasting functionality. Beyond that, EBE considers special insulation classes and UL-compliance.

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