Sensors und Mechatronics for Dishwashers



Convenience Functions Based on Sensor Systems, Mechatronics and Actuator Technology from One Source

Sophisticated technology and electronics facilitate the operation of modern dishwashers. Convenient functions can be realized in many fields of application.

Opening Mechanisms and Locking Systems for Dishwashers

EBE sensors + motion develops and produces different locking and door opening modules for dishwashers. They are installed into the dishwasher door or onto the frame. The products are individually designed for each model and adapted to the installation space available. The development and technology portfolio allows a great number of variants for installation. To give an example, EBE develops opening modules attachable to an existing dishwasher lock to realize a dryer opening. Even greater convenience in handleless kitchens is provided by door modules with integrated sensor system opening by themselves when the machine front is pressed.

Reliability in Dishwashers

Level sensors rank among the indispensable functions of advanced dishwashers. To give an example, the amount of rinse agent in the storage tank of the door or in a dosing unit and the filling level of the special salt shall be measured. Apart from level sensors, inductive proximity sensors ensure the safe operation as condition detectors at dishwasher doors and machine sieves. Capacitive level switches can be used as completely wear-free alternatives to replace the float switches previously used.

More Elegance with Touch-Through Control Panels

Beyond that, EBE sensors + motion develops solutions for touch-through metal control panels and touch-through glass control panels. Touch-through metal control panels measure the deformation of the metal surface in relation to a PCB mounted below. This is how the induTEC® sensor detects the key command. Touch-through glass control panels measure the capacitive change a finger print effects on the glass surface. A PCB beneath the glass surface contains all the functions, the electronics, the µ-controller and the electrodes of the capaTEC®-sensors. Both control panels can be arranged according to customer requirements in terms of shape, arrangement and interface.

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