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Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines with Special Convenience

Whether in a private household, a cafeteria or a restaurant: Coffee machines work nonstop and are expected to function reliably at any time. Users enjoy the increasing automation. The reliable automatic detection of the respective container and supply of coffee beans, fresh water, milk and detergent liquid or filling level in the drip water tray are some features of convenient coffee machines. Capacitive buttons allow to realize intuitive control panels for an even more convenient use of the coffee machine. On request, the automatic coffee machine detects the presence, position and height as well as the volume and level inside the cup or mug. In this way, intelligent automated operating concepts can be realized. All these solutions are offered by the development program of EBE sensors + motion. EBE sensors + motion individually develops the sensor technology for level measurement for each model.


Sensor Technology for Level Measurement

The capacitive sensor technology capaTEC® developed by EBE makes magnetic floaters in fresh water tanks redundant. In this way, floaters cannot get stuck or calcify. At the same time, the tank geometry can be simplified. Depending on the requirement, capaTEC® level sensors can determine the minimum filling level in a fresh water tank or measure the level continuously. They are also capable of detecting a biofilm coating to signal or even hide the need for cleaning. The storage tank for coffee beans can also be monitored by sensor systems from EBE. By using capaTEC® sensors, the conventional resistive sensor technology can even be abandoned for the drip water tray. Coffee residue and other contaminations in the drip tray do not bother our level sensors in any way. As the measurement is made through the wall of the drip tray and the machine housing, there is no direct contact between the sensor and the medium. This ensures the reliable and faultless operation of the machine.

Measurement of Highly Adhesive Media

Highly adhesive media pose a challenge for the level sensor technology. EBE sensors + motion provides a solution for this task as well. The product development is based on our corTEC® technology for level measurement. corTEC® sensors measure liquids with extreme adhesion and film-forming in their reservoirs, e.g. milk and cleaning fluids. The film-forming inside the tank can be “masked out”. Faulty measurements are avoided.

Inductive Measuring Principle Recognizes Container

With all EBE solutions for level measurement it is possible to implement the presence detection of a tank. The integrated inductive sensor allows the safe recognition and signaling of a container without further elements. The additional sensor system can be installed directly on the PCB together with the level sensor system. Presence detection is particularly important in certain applications where hot water is pumped back into a tank. This is often the case in fully automatic coffee machines for professional use. Here it must be granted that the tank is actually pushed in. The sensor solution from EBE signals reliably whether the tank is present and properly inserted.

Object Detection for Hot-Drink Machines and Automatic Coffee Machines

With hot-drink machines and automatic coffee machines it can make sense to detect cups or mugs and their respective sizes. By means of the 3D ToF sensor system used the machine is capable of checking if the selected program matches the cup or mug placed below. Before the brewing program is started, the sensor measures the cup for presence, correct positioning, height and volume. This prevents an overflow, and the outlet slide can move to the optimum position.

Level Measurement in Metal Tanks

Electrically conductive resp. metallic tanks pose a further challenge for level sensor technology. Such tanks are often used in professional coffee machines. Both technologies for level measurement developed by EBE can be applied here. To give an example, they can be used as rod sensors for measurements inside the medium.

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