Locking Technology and Locking Systems



Solutions for Locking Systems and Other Interlocks

Open and close, thousands of actuations per day. Swing doors, security turnstiles, barriers and up-and-over doors are continuously strained. This requires stable and robust components such as the path-angle sensors and electromagnetics from EBE sensors + motion. Our products are tried and tested for operation under harsh ambient conditions and prove themselves millions of times per day.

Long-Lived Electromagnetics for Millions of Actuations

The opening and closing mechanism of interlocks must be particularly reliable, even in case of heavy-duty use. EBE solenoids are not only customizable in terms of shape, stroke or holding force but can also be designed for a particularly long service life with several millions of actuations. The wide portfolio of solenoids offers a solution for almost any use case.

Opening and Closing Modules at Flaps and Doors

If flaps or doors are to be opened automatically, EBE offers door opening modules which detect and execute opening requests based on path sensors or solenoids. A renewed closing and locking of opened doors can also be realized by such an opening module. Thrust and traction force, installation space and further parameters are developed and designed according to the requirement.

Capacitive Buttons and Key Switches for Control Panels

A wide selection of switches and buttons is available for the safe operation and detection of opening requests. Depending on the requirement, innovative capacitive buttons or classic buttons and switches such as key switches are available.

EBE has three locations in Southern Germany.