Innovative Technology for Industrial Canteens



Robust Electronics for Continuous Use

The applications are quite similar to those of appliances, but the requirements are completely different. Comparable to industrial plants, industrial canteens are designed for continuous use. What’s more, it is always hot and humid. Accordingly, materials and components have to convince by insensitivity and long service life.

Sensor Systems for Level Measurement and the Detection of Door Positions

Today’s canteens are unthinkable without sensor systems. From automatic coffee machines and restaurant dishwashers to production ovens. The sensor systems from EBE sensors + motion are applied everywhere. Our level sensors measure filling levels in tanks and containers of automatic coffee machines, but are also used in ovens with steam function. By means of inductive path sensors, the door position of dishwashers or ovens is monitored. The sensor system takes up very little installation space and convinces by reliability and robustness.

Modules for Automatic Door Opening

Apart from pure condition monitoring, EBE also develops door opening modules for appliances in industrial kitchens. Depending on the requirement, the opening mechanism is actuated by a solenoid or sensor system. Our engineers always develop these door opening modules individually for the respective device.

Innovative Control Panels for Quick and Safe Handling

The safe and intuitive handling of machines and devices in restaurant kitchens is indispensable. Capacitive buttons from EBE sensors + motion function in spite of lubricating films by grease, water or other contaminations. A control panel right on the surface with an inductive sensor system offers itself for metal surfaces. In this case, the surface also remains closed and can be hygienically cleaned without affecting the electronics. Rotary encoders based on sensor systems offer completely new options. They combine the feel of a classic rotary encoder with the benefits of a completely closed surface. The HMI portfolio of EBE is rounded off by robust switches, buttons and rotary encoders.

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