Sanitary Engineering



Reinventing the Bathroom

The bathroom is increasingly transformed into a wellness area. This involves a stronger focus on the convenient operation of sanitary items and the control of technology. Sensor systems and HMI components from EBE sensors + motion allow to strike new paths. Our products offer solutions for a variety of bathroom applications.

Rotary Encoders and Rotary Switches for Use in Wet Areas

Classic rotary encoder solutions from EBE sensors + motion promise new possibilities for extraordinary design in combination with long service life and robustness. EBE offers components for control panels in wet areas that implement special features such as lighting and yet ensure protection against water. Fully closed shower panels which are nonetheless equipped with handles can be realized by sensor-based rotary encoders. They provide the feel of a conventional fitting, but constant humidity and caustic detergents cannot do any harm. This paves the way to completely new handle designs and fitting solutions.

Gesture Control for Special Bathrooms

In particular in public washrooms and toilets, hygiene is indispensable. For this reason, sensor-based flushings and fittings are widespread. Sensors for gesture recognition provide many more options for innovations in the sanitary area that conventional infrared sensors are unable to offer. From light control to fittings – the applications are unlimited.

Level Measurement in Difficult Areas

Level sensors from EBE sensors + motion are used especially where conventional sensors reach their limits. No matter whether due to particularly limited space or the handling of difficult liquids and adhesive media. The sensor technologies from EBE offer developments far beyond the standard to enable innovative results in sanitary engineering.

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