Treatment Units and Treatment Chairs

Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Focus on Comfort and Function

Modern treatment units are more than just normal treatment chairs. The treatment units are equipped with numerous diagnostic units and medical instruments. Well-designed units offer the medical personnel an ergonomically designed workplace that already takes over many automated work processes.

Position Sensors to Adjust the Examination Couch

The position sensors from EBE sensors + motion convince by their particularly compact design. The sensor usually fits into even the smallest installation space. At the same time, the position sensors are particularly robust and not only used in medical engineering, but have proven themselves in continuous operation in the industry.

Level Sensors for Integrated and Removable Containers

Filling levels of different media have to be monitored around the spittoon. Whether additives to the water feed or the amalgam separator in the sewage drain, EBE level sensors measure touchless and are therefore particularly hygienic. Smallest formats to provide reliable level monitoring even under constrained spatial conditions can be realized as well.

Buttons, Rotary Encoders and Sliders at the Operating Units

User interfaces at treatment units may get contaminated during the treatment. Thus, it is important to provide for easy and thorough cleansing of all components. The membrane keypads frequently used are often no longer readable after some time, or the mechanical buttons are defective. Capacitive sensor buttons and sliders are located completely beneath the surface. Continuous operation and frequent cleansing will not affect them. Further control elements such as rotary encoders and rotary switches can be realized water-proof, or capacitive encoders, analogous to sensor buttons, can be installed beneath the completely closed surface.

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