Devices for Emergency Medicine

Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Überzeugen wenn es drauf ankommt

Produkte aus dem Hause EBE sensors + motion sind für extrem widrige Umgebungen ausgelegt. Sie halten Staub und Feuchtigkeit stand. Auch bei längerer Nichtbenutzung sind die Produkte stets einsatzbereit.

Rotary Encoders and Switches for Difficult Ambient Conditions

Due to their extraordinary durability, EBE rotary encoders and switches also prove themselves in the military area. In the field of rescue medicine, permanent cleansing and disinfection strain devices and components. Some devices are not regularly used and therefore likely to corrode. HMI components from EBE sensors + motion convince by extraordinary workmanship and an accordingly long service life under difficult ambient conditions. Sensor-based buttons and rotary encoders can also represent an innovative and durable alternative for classic encoders and switches in emergency medicine.

Contactless and Hygenic Level Measurement

Devices in emergency medicine have to be perfectly maintained to function faultlessly at any time. Malfunctions of materials and devices may cost lives. EBE level sensors offer a reliable solution for level measurement. They are installed behind the surface inside the device. In this way, filling levels are measured contactless, and the sensor system is protected from exterior ambient conditions. Even smallest volumes can be reliably detected.

Tireless Actuation Systems and Solenoids

Transport stretchers and flaps cannot do without reliable actuation systems. They make work easier for the rescue service and transportation more comfortable for the patient. Actuation systems and solenoids from EBE have already proven themselves in industry where the components are tirelessly in use so that they can easily cope with the harsh conditions in emergency medicine.

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