Walking Aids and Wheelchairs

Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Moving Safely

Electric wheelchairs and electronic helpers are characterized by a variety of functions, compact and functional design and countless adaptation options. All components have to be absolutely resilient and long-lived to allow their users to lead mobile lives.

HMI Components for Clear and Insensitive User Interfaces

Capacitive sensor buttons from EBE sensors + motion are used beneath the fully closed user interface. Depending on the requirement and space available, the buttons can be designed in different sizes. They work reliably even with contaminations and lubricating films consisting of water or oily media. Even wearing gloves you can operate the sensor buttons without constraints. Durable classic rotary encoders and switches ideally complement the HMI product range to design perfectly equipped human-machine interfaces.

Precise Position Sensors for Distances, Path and Angle

EBE position sensors detect paths, angles and distances with absolute precision. The underlying induTEC technology has already proven itself under tough industrial conditions and convinces by its many fields of application, smallest size and at the same time absolutely reliable function.

EBE has three locations in Southern Germany.