Precision Sensors and Control Panels for Ventilators

Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Reliable Components if Details Matter

The setup of ventilators is highly complex. On the one hand, they have to keep up the gas exchange, on the other hand, the ventilator used must not damage the lung. Thus, the components used have to work precisely and yet stand up to operating times of several ten thousand hours.

Level Measurement in Tanks and Containers

With machine ventilation it is necessary to moisturize the respiratory gas. The respective containers need to be constantly monitored in order to ensure the consistent quality of the respriatory gas and prevent damage to the lungs. Level sensor systems from EBE sensors + motion are particularly suitable for this purpose. The sensor is always attached outside the container, making the level measurement completely touchless. The sensor system excels by unusally small dimensions and can thus be placed in limited installation space. Furthermore, it is possible to check the position of the inserted container with a distance sensor on the same PCB by measuring the gap dimensions between the housing of the ventilator and the container itself.

Easy-To-Clean Operating Elements

The EBE product portfolio offers easy-to-clean HMI components for user interfaces. Optionally, rotary encoders, switches and buttons can be realized tight against moisture and wetness. Capacitive buttons, sliders and rotary encoders are even more suitable. hey are installed beneath the completely closed surface. Thus, frequent cleansing and disinfection of the surfaces are completely harmless to the sensor system. Nevertheless, they work reliably if gloves are used or in case of contaminations or lubricating films.

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