Electronics for Agricultural Machines



Precise Components Under Harsh Conditions

In agricultural engineering, the ambient conditions are usually not ideal but require components that resist to even the harshest conditions. They have to function reliably in spite of strong vibrations, dust and humidity. In many cases, special installation situations such as unfavorable angles or very small installation spaces need to be considered.

Robust Control Eelements in Driver Cabins and Operating Parts

Control elements from EBE sensors + motion are available for a variety of applications. From enduring rotary encoders to long-lived key switches we offer a wide product range für user interfaces in agricultural machines. Our classic HMI components can be customized to allow us to develop suitable solutions for special requirements. High-quality workmanship and the robust design guarantee a long service-life under adverse conditions. They are ideally complemented by sensor-based buttons, switches and rotary encoders. The respective sensor system can be installed beneath the completely closed surface so that neither dust nor humidity can do any damage. Capacitive HMI components from EBE also function with lubricating films of dirt or oils and water films. Furthermore, it is possible to operate the sensor buttons and rotary encoders with working gloves.

Solenoids to Control Flaps and Doors

Solenoids from EBE sensors + motion are so insensitive that they even resist to the harsh conditions in agricultural machines. These actuators are exposed to strong vibrations, dust and humidity but always work reliably. In big agricultural work machines they are used for a variety of applications. Thus, our solenoids are applied for flap control in sewing machines and fertilizer spreaders. The locking of doors is another common application for EBE actors. Special wishes such as unusual installation situations or very long service-lives with millions of actuations can be realized here.

Pinpoint Sensor Systems for Filling Levels, Path and Angle

Filling levels of the tanks and containers installed in agricultural machines must be continuously measured to ensure a smooth operation. EBE level sensors detect liquid columns precisely and reliably without direct contact to the medium. They can be installed protected behind a non-conductive surface. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for continuous operation under harsh ambient conditions. In the same way, our position sensors excel by precise and enduring operation. They are particularly compact and require very little installation space. In the industry, these sensors have proven themselves thousands of times in 24-hour-operation in robotics.

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