Electromagnetics – an Innovative Approach

10. September 2020

Solenoids are extremely versatile. Although this technology has been in use for decades, we could still not do without it. EBE sensors + motion offers a new approach in magnetics by combining it with innovative sensor technology.

EBE sensors + motion has developed a new concept combining electromagnetics with innovative inductive sensor technology. A wide portfolio of solenoids in a variety of designs and smartly combined with innovative sensor technology allows EBE to realize progressive technology for a wide range of applications. Among other things in the development of opening modules. The combination of solenoids with inductive sensor technology enables fully-automatic unlocking and opening of doors and flaps.

Solenoids come in all shapes and sizes, They excel by reliability and robustness. Whether in pulling or pushing design, with several million or just a few thousand actuations, as open frame or closed model. As versatile as their appearance are their applications. In vending machines, parcel stations or maintenance and inspection flaps – magnetics is used in many places.

With cabinets or dishwashers the opening mechanism can be easily operated by applying gentle pressure to the front. The inductive position measuring system measures the relative movement by means of the attached plunger. An electric signal can also actuate the solenoid; it activates the opening module and triggers the solenoid to open the lock. Among other applications this variant can be found in vending machines.

The advantages of opening modules are obvious. They significantly increase the ease of use and allow to realize visually appealing handleless cabinet and kitchen fronts. In the case of dishwashers the automated opening after the rinsing cycle allows a shorter program runtime, thus saving valuable energy. This technology also opens up a vast range of applications in industry. The opening modules convince wherever controlled opening is required to avoid the abrupt opening of doors or flaps.

By means of individual development, highquality solenoids and sensor technology especially developed by EBE opening modules or other solenoid-sensor combinations can also be designed for small installation spaces. The installation depends on the space available. Connections and output signals can also be adapted depending on the requirement. As needed, a variety of approval norms can be fulfilled.

press photo

Innovative opening modules can be realized by the combination of robust electromagnetics with inductive sensor technology. In case of dishwashers, for example, they offer high user comfort and save energy.

Image source: EBE Elektro-Bau-Elemente GmbH.

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Press release: Electromagnetics – an Innovative Approach

Short Company Profile

The company EBE Elektro-Bau-Elemente GmbH (brand name EBE sensors + motion) based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen offers OEM-solutions in the fields of sensor and actuating technology, mechatronics, drive technology and magnetic engineering. EBE develops customized solutions and manufactures serial products for OEM customers. The focus lies on capacitive and inductive sensors, among others for level monitoring based on sensor technologies developed in-house as well as mechatronic systems. A further focus lies on intelligent door opening modules for appliances or sensor systems for white goods, medical engineering and mobility. The sensor program also includes level sensors, pressure sensors, position sensors and capacitive switches. Furthermore, EBE manufactures solenoids for a variety of applications as well as robust rotary switches, buttons and encoders and adapts them to the customer requirements. The company sees itself as a competence center for the development and production of sensor systems and drive technology.


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