Further Technologies


Customized Sensors for Enhanced Human-Machine Interaction

Individual Sensor Systems – Time of Flight Sensors for Level Measurement and Gestures

EBE sensors + motion offers a wide range of sensor and encoder solutions for very individual requirements. The focus is always on the safe, ergonomic and comfortable use of technical devices and machines in their individual areas of application.

The sensor technology is selected depending on the area of application and its general conditions, such as vibration, moisture, contamination or the requirement for operation with gloves.

Time of Flight Sensors for Detecting Distances and Gestures

Time of Flight sensors enable presence detection and measurement of gestures and objects. The ToF sensors measure distances to an object precisely and reliably. The technology also plays to its strengths in gesture recognition and realizes the contactless operation of a wide variety of devices based on movements, for example in the following areas:

  • Industry
  • Medical engineering
  • Mobility
  • Appliances

EBE sensors + motion’s sensor development is based on expertise in signal evaluation, design and optimization of algorithms. Our strength is to develop and manufacture individual sensor systems for numerous applications and industrial projects.

EBE has three locations in Southern Germany.